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What is the Divine Y.E.S.S. Methodology®?

The Divine Y.E.S.S. Methodology® falls under the auspices of The Blend Academy, Incorporated. The Academy’s goal is to enourage individuals, small businesses owners, and leaders to PLAY FULL OUT – living their lives on purpose by coming into agreement with God, themselves, and others. Each of the Blend Academy Facilitators, Partners, and Coaches have been trained (based on their specific domains of wellness) to assist and guide their clients down a path that will ultimately lead them to living the life of their dreams.

Dimensions of Wellness:  Soul Awareness, Self (Self-Full) Awareness, Energy Awareness, Relationship Awareness, Inspirational Awareness, Wealth Awareness. Combined all the dimensions contribute to an individual living a healthy and full life. Because of this they are able to show up and become more present in their homes, work, and in the community. 


Rediscover who YOU are and create a place of harmony for yourself.


Explore the highest vision for yourself based on domains of wellness.


Create solutions by way of a unique Signature System catered to your audience.


Share your journey and strive to serve and support others.

Programs & Services


A blended selection of certification programs and courses geared towards individuals that are READY to step outside of the fence of mediocrity and onto their path of greatness. (In-person, Virtual, and Self Study Options Available)

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Vip Programs

An intensive experience created for individuals that are ready to catapult their business to the next level by incorporating a new product, service, or program into their business model.

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Done-4-U Programs

Our Done-For-You services are catered specifically to our certified coaches, purposed driven entrepreneurs, authors, and speakers that are looking to free up time to focus 100% on passion projects. We offer custom services.

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Hi there, I'm Kimmie, the


The founder of The Blend Academy and Master Blend Strategist®, Coach, and Facilitator supporting the Growth Agents of the world. Those ROCK-STAR annoited entrepreneurs and quasi-preneurs that are READY to birth AMAZING movements by launching elite programs and products with the sole purpose of leaving a legacy behind.

We look forward to partnering with YOU!

Students and Clients


Awards & Recognition

Years of Experience

Shelley Parris Williams, Creator of The Womb Sanctuary

“The Blendarista’s coaching, mentorship and business strategy is a powerful and passionate elixir served up by the incomparable, Kimberly Hemmingway. Her legacy-minded, perseverance and genuine desire to see her students and clients succeed, forces you out of your narrow comfort zones to proclaim your Divine YESS and take those necessary leaps into your DESTINY!”

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Stephanie Outten, Creator of Cocoon to Wings Coaching

“This powerhouse Woman of God! I’m so honored to be under her tutelage. She’s my master Coach for Life, and she Soars in order to Pour into the lives of others. Thank you, Kimmie, for living and walking in your Divine Y.E.S.S.!”

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Diana Seaton Pfeuffer, Creator of Venus Inspired Living

“I have been working with Kimmie for the past few months to create effective strategies in moving a new component of my business forward. She is remarkable to work with. Professional, organized, trustworthy and genuine. Her commitment to your success is evident as she goes above and beyond in her delivery. She is an outside of the box thinker which is important when developing the authentic needs of each person she serves.”

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